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NEVER use Google images on your website or blog…

Assume Google Images Are Protected by Copyright Although some images found in search engines may be in the public domain, you should actually assume the opposite – that all online content is protected by copyright law. Even content from other countries may be protected by copyright law in your own country. One way to

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Is Your Website GDPR Compliant?

The disclaimer... First, a disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer and this isn't legal advice. Of course I have a vested interest in your success and want to help where possible. But if you need definitive legal advice, please talk to a solicitor. I should also stress that this article is a simplified overview of

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1. Optimize Images Google PageSpeed Insights is telling us we need to optimize our images. To fix this warning, we simply install and run the Optimus Image Optimizer plugin which is developed and maintained by KeyCDN. This plugin focuses on smart compression, which means it uses a combination of both lossless and lossy compression techniques. It


Emergency Bulletin: Firefox 0 day in the wild. What to do.

  We’re publishing this as an emergency bulletin for our customers and the larger web community. A few hours ago a zero day vulnerability emerged in the Tor browser bundle and the Firefox web browser. Currently it exploits Windows systems with a high success rate and affects Firefox versions 41 to 50 and the current version

Emergency Bulletin: Firefox 0 day in the wild. What to do.2016-11-30T11:56:57+00:00

How to choose a colour scheme.

In general terms, bright and bold colours are attention-grabbing but can appear brash. Muted tones convey a more sophisticated image, but run the risk of being overlooked. More specifically, particular meanings are ascribed to different colours in society... Red implies passion, energy, danger or aggression; warmth and heat. It has also been found to stimulate

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3D printers could replicate your fingerprints to help unlock phones

Even after you’re dead..... Police officers contacted Michigan State University professor Anil Jain recently to recreate a dead man’s fingers using a 3D printer, so they could unlock his phone and sift through its content for clues. Details are scare because the investigation is still underway. But Jain said that the deceased person in question

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