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Free website builders – SquareSpace Yes or No?

One of the biggest trends in the web design community is to build on Squarespace.

Sure, Squarespace allows you to get a beautifulwebsite up quickly. But this platform doesn’t allow a marketer to do necessary SEO work.

Which means it’s not easy for a marketer to get  Squarespace sites ranking in search results and get organic traffic flowing in.

You may hear conflicting points of view because t here’s a lot of misleading information floating around.

Designers who advocate Squarespace say,
“We’re pro Squarespace. Sparespace has native analytics and it allows for GA. You can also do native things to increase SEO.”

Contrast that with Marketers who do SEO.
“I advised my clients to leave Squarespace and go for WordPress. At least there are more options to solve seo issues with WP.”

If your website is important for growing your business over the long term, stay away from Squarespace, at least until they fix some ke y SEO issues.

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