Is your WordPress website secure?

Hackers attack WordPress website of any size, large or small around 100,000 times a minute worldwide.

So the question is not IF your site was attacked but WHEN and what do you have in place to defend from these attacks?

Is WordPress Secure?

With so many hackers attempting to infiltrate WordPress sites regularly, you may begin to wonder if WordPress is really secure at all. You can stop wondering because WordPress is inherently secure, though, there’s a caveat.

The security team behind WordPress works diligently to neutralize any vulnerabilities that surface within the WordPress core. Security patches are included in core updates that are released consistently and on a regular basis.

In fact, since WordPress was initially released, over 2,450 security vulnerabilities have been quickly patched. There are also times where fixes have been made in under 40 minutes of a vulnerability’s discovery

The caveat is that you need to keep WordPress core up-to-date in order to apply all the security patches that are rolled out. Fortunately, updates can be pushed automatically or manually in a couple clicks. You can also choose to turn off automatic updates in case you want to run compatibility tests beforehand.

If you take away only one tip today, make it this one: keeping WordPress up-to-date is by far, the single most critical action you can do for the security of your site. Every other technique you apply is still necessary, but it’s not going to do you any good if the WordPress core itself is vulnerable and that happens if it’s not up-to-date.

Imyge Net provide a WordPress Security Package that helps to block the entry points hackers and hackbots look for to gain entry to a WordPress site. We can then monitor your website for not only core updates but also plugins udates and apply them, setup scheduled off site backs in the event we need to restore the site plus daily malware scans to detaect any infections as early as possible.

This service is only

£150 setup then £12.50 per month.

Contact us to find out more information and how we can help take away any worries you have about WordPress security.