Make your website GDPR friendly.

So the GDPR deadline has come and gone and the sky hasn’t fallen and no-one has been fined millions of pounds!!!

However, GDPR is here to stay and time will tell how the ICO will enforce their new powers. After all they have to keep 700 agents busy some how. In the past the ICO have been a fair government body and from a blog on their website they seem to want to work with companies to be compliant first and only uses fines as a last resort.

As the general public get used to GDPR and know what their new powers are based around their own data, comapanies will inevitably start to get asked questions about their GDPR practices and a companies website will be their first port of call.

How will someone know if your website isn’t compliant??

Already you will notice on sites that are GDPR friendly you get options on what cookies are allowed to be used on your computer. The simple cookie bar we are all used to seeing is no longer GDPR compliant. It will not be long before everyone will notice staright away if your website is GDPR compliant or by this simple cookie bar.

The new law states only neccessary cookies can be dropped without explicit prior consent. This means all your Analytic cookies, Facebook cookies, AddThis etc. must be blocked until a visitor ticks yes and gives permission to use the. Equally there has to be a mthod for a visitor to change their cookie proeferences too and it has to be the same method. If it is a tick box to opt in it must be a tick box to opt out and removing any cookies that had been dropped.

See the source image

Another key area is your privacy policy and cookie policy probably need updating.

Your privacy policy will need to cover things like, what data you collect, why you collect it, how you process it, how long do keep it and how does someone request their data and execercise their right to be forgotten. Your cookie policy needs to list all the cookies your site uses, what they do and when do they expire.

Then there are your forms….

Forms can ask for data for a variety of reasons, a contact form, enquiry form or a newsletter subscription form. Again these may need tweaking to comply with GDPR and have the addition of a few extra tick boxes to ask for permission to send you newsletters, contact by a certain contact method and to agree to have your data stored by your company.


If you cover these things then you have started the process of your company becomingGDPR compliant.

Imyge Net can help make your website GDPR compliant from a little as


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However, we do also build fabulous websites should need a new one or one overhauled.

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