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WordPress Security

Ask yourself these questions.
If my website was hacked, would I know what to do?
If my website crashed, do I have a back up?

If the answer to either of these is NO then read on……

Unfortunately web sites are prone to security risks and hackers. If your site has been built using WordPress, which is the most popular website platform in the world, then your site could be at risk if not correctly configured.

This is where we can help. About 18 months ago we started to see an increase in our WordPres sites being hacked.  This caused some investigation into how, why and more importantly how to prevent being hacked.

The outcome was our WordPress Security package.

If you have an existing web site built in WordPress then we can help prevent hacking intrusions and if in the unlikely event your still still gets hacked we can restore your site from a backup copy held off site.

The package consists of adding 4 pieces of software that look at different areas of security from:

  • Blocking routes into your site from a brute force attack on your login page.
  • Blocking entry points through the sites coding.
  • Active malware scanning and file repair.
  • Daily monitoring of core and plugin updates.
  • Weekly backup of site files and database.


Set up fee to install and configure software: £100

Monthly fee for monitoring, updating and restoring site from a backup: £12.50.

For a more technical list of the package looks at see below:


Remove update notifications from specific user roles
Remove Windows Live Write header information
Remove RSD header info
Remove login error messages
Rename ‘admin’ account
Change ID on user with ID 1
Change WordPress database table prefix
Undo change wp-content path
Change wp-content path
Force SSL for any post, page, or admin page
Turn off file editing in WordPress admin
Brute Force Protection
File Change Detection
404 Detection
Strong Password Enforcement
Lock Out Bad Users
Away Mode
Hide Login & Admin
Database Backups
Email Notifications
Online File Comparisons

Malware protection

Scan Core, Theme & Plugin Files
Scan Content for Bad URLs
Scan for Known Malware
Scan for Hundreds of Backdoors
Scan for DNS Changes
Real-time Traffic Shows hackers
View Crawlers in Real-time
View Top Content Leeches
Get Detailed IP Info
Monitor Disk Space
Enforce Strong Passwords
Track IP Addresses
Rate Limit Rogue Crawlers
Block IPs
Manage Blocked IPs
Advanced Network Blocking
Block Fake Google
Block Brute Force Attacks
Repair Files

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